Join The Legacy NASO Society

NASO has left an indelible mark on the officiating industry. Since its founding in 1980, NASO has been the leading advocate for sports officials in all sports and at all levels, all while providing the foremost officiating educational resources in the nation. Thousands of sports officials have improved their craft, become involved in officiating causes, and added to the community of sports officials through their involvement with NASO.

That’s why it’s important to support NASO’s efforts today and in the future. Join the Legacy NASO Society to pass your values, vision and support to future generations of sports officials by naming NASO in your will or life insurance policy.

Why Join?

Consider joining the Legacy NASO Society if you:

  • Care deeply about sports officiating, and value the impact NASO has had on your career, your partners or the worldwide community of sports officials.
  • Want to help the avocation of sports officiating grow and thrive into the future.
  • Value the work NASO does for sports officials through advocacy, education and protection.
  • Want to grow the and expand NASO’s efforts as the leading advocate for sports officials and sports officiating.

Who Can Join?

Potential members of the Legacy NASO Society include:

  • NASO members from any era of the association.
  • Sports Officials who value the work that NASO has accomplished.
  • Sports Officiating supporters or family members

Benefits & Recognition

NASO thanks you and offers our deepest gratitude. Members who commit to naming NASO as a beneficiary of your will or life insurance policy will receive the following benefits and recognition:

  • A Certificate naming you a member of the Legacy NASO Society
  • A personal thank you letter from the President of NASO
  • Recognition as a Legacy NASO Society member on the Legacy NASO website.
  • Special recognition annually onsite at the NASO Sports Officiating Summit.
  • If you want to remain anonymous, that’s OK, too. Just let us know that and we won’t list you by name in any public announcement.

Legacy NASO
National Association of Sports Officials

2017 Lathrop Avenue, Racine, WI 53405

Handy information about NASO to include in your will or beneficiary forms:

Legal Name: National Association of Sports Officials
Address: 2017 Lathrop Avenue, Racine, WI 53405
Tax ID#: 39-1364892

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