You’ve got decision making in your DNA. You make your calls with authority. Your knowledge of the rules in sports is impeccable — and you have over 23,000+ of your fellow sports officials supporting you. They’re members of the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), the only organization representing sports officials in all sports, at all levels.

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Sports Officials Legislative Scorecard

Has your state passed laws related to assault and/or harassment of sports officials, officials’ liability and independent contractor status? State laws criminalizing attacks and harassment of officials serve as a deterrent and tell prosecutors, judges and juries that such acts are to be taken seriously. Learn More

Say Yes To Officiating

There’s and urgent need for sports officials in this nation. Say Yes to Officiating is a collection of free resources designed to help recruit new sports officials, retain the ones already working, instill excellence, and celebrate the officiating experience. Learn more

OFFICIATING INDUSTRY NEWS UPDATED DAILY Officiating News collects stories from around the nation to keep you updated about what is happening in our industry and to ensure that positive stories about officials and officiating reach the widest possible audience. Stories are updated daily. Learn More