You’ve got decision making in your DNA. You make your calls with authority. Your knowledge of the rules in sports is impeccable — and you have over 26,000+ of your fellow sports officials supporting you. They’re members of the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), the only organization representing sports officials in all sports, at all levels.

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State by State Independent Contractor Unemployment Resources

State by state, the impact of the recent CARES Act will affect sports officials differently. It is our ultimate goal to provide you with detailed information from every state on how they are implementing the Act and what it means for you. Learn More

Say Yes To Officiating

There’s an urgent need for sports officials in this nation. We need more people stepping up to do the tough job of making sure sports are fairly played, well-managed and safe environments for all participants and spectators. Say Yes to Officiating is all about providing resources that help recruit new sports officials, retain the ones already working, instill excellence, and celebrate the officiating experience. Learn more

Officiating During the Covid-19 Crisis is collecting stories from around the nation on how officials are adapting to and overcoming the current unprecedented health situation and sports shutdown. Stories updated daily. Learn More

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