NASO Assault Protection Program

Every NASO member receives $30,500 in protection, including:
  • $25,000 assault medical expense reimbursement for expenses your regular insurance doesn’t cover, such as ambulance rides and doctor visit copays
  • $1,000 game fee protection for lost assignments
  • $4,500 legal reimbursement for non-contingent attorney’s fees for non-frivolous claims

NASO Members Have Assault Protection

NASO’s “Assault Protection Insurance” also helps with these types of matters. Members may qualify for up to $4,500 reimbursement of non-contingent attorney fees incurred by a member in bringing a non-frivolous claim against the perpetrator. The attorney fees are reimbursed on a 60/40 percent co-pay with the member paying 40 percent. If the NASO member was hurt, up to $25,000 of assault accident-medical coverage may be provided. Plus, if an assaulted member misses any officiating assignments, NASO insurance may pay up to $1,000 in lost game fees.

$30,500 Assault Protection Program

Provides for reimbursement of certain expenses and loss of game fees resulting from injuries suffered when an official is a victim of an assault and/or battery by a spectator, fan or participant while the official is performing officiating duties, or as a direct result of performing officiating duties at an organized sporting event. Attorney fee reimbursement may also be available. NASO puts the member in contact with appropriate legal counsel; NASO will then provide up to $4,500 reimbursement of reasonable non-contingent attorney fees incurred by the member in bringing a non-frivolous claim against the perpetrator. Certain legal fees reimbursement for travel expenses, lost wages, and other reasonable expenses may also be available and are included in the $4,500. Reimbursement will be made upon conclusion of the matter and is based on a verified fee agreement and attorney invoice. It will be made on a 60/40 percent co-pay basis with the member paying 40 percent. Further expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the member. Additionally, NASO’s Assault Protection benefit pays up to $100 for each game lost within 21 days after the injury with a maximum total of $1,000. There is also a maximum of $10,000 medical expense, to the extent not covered by other insurance, reimbursement available under the terms of the applicable Insurance policy.

IN SIMPLE TERMS: If you are assaulted while officiating, NASO can assist you in finding an attorney and help with attorney fees, medical expenses and lost game fees.

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