MICP Provides Expert Advice on Sports Officiating Issues

When you need help with sports officiating related matters – NASO is there to help. Through its one-of-a-kind Member Information and Consultation Program (MICP), NASO annually provides its members with up to three free consultations with one of our qualified advisors for anything related to sports officials and sports officiating.

MICP is the only program providing officials with help on sports officiating business and legal matters. Never before has such protection and assistance been more needed. Assaults, your rights, and responsibilities as an official, umpire or referee — all of those issues and more are addressed through the MICP program.

MICP has two parts:

  1. A free Information Program handled by the NASO staff
  2. A free Consultation Program handled by both the NASO staff and consultants to whom the staff may direct you

The initial use of MICP always starts with the NASO staff. Contact the NASO offices at 262-632-5448.

Articles on Legal Issues for Sports Officials

NASO members have access to MICP opinions and articles written by professionals. The articles deal with all of today’s most pressing issues, including background checks, independent contractor status, assaults, contracts and more.

Examples of issues we’ve handled include:

  • Alleged defamation in a local paper
  • Criminal background checks
  • Contract issues
  • Income tax issues
  • Assaults on officials
  • Liability concerns

MICP Program FAQs

Do I have to pay extra for the MICP program?

No! It is a part of your annual NASO dues. It is among the exciting benefits NASO provides members.

Does MICP tie into NASO’s insurance benefit?

Yes. MICP contains an information and consultation program provided by ASI, NASO’s insurance representative. In addition to MICP, NASO offers the nation’s best insurance package, including:

  • $6,000,000 per occurrence with a $14,000,000 personal annual aggregate general liability covering claimed bodily injury and property damage — officiating’s best!
  • Up to $100,000 Game Call and Assignors’ liability which covers you for your game calls and assignments you make even when there is no bodily injury or property damage claimed — NASO exclusive!
  • The nation’s only Assault Protection Program, with up to $4,500 in legal services reimbursement, $10,000 accidental medical coverage and $1,000 game fee protection if you are assaulted
  • NASO members also receive Referee magazine, the industry leader, and access to hundreds of other educational products

If I am not an NASO member, but have a professional services issue, can I become an NASO member and instantly access the MICP program?

Yes! Once you are a member, you can access the MICP program immediately and ask any officiating-related question. It doesn’t matter if your situation is new or old, MICP will help.

If I decide to pursue civil litigation in a non-assault situation, will NASO pay for my attorney fees under MICP?

NASO will provide you with your free initial consultation through the MICP program. If you decide after that consultation to file suit, those expenses are yours to incur. (If it is an assault situation, you could qualify for up to $4,500 in legal services reimbursement.)

Click Here to download the Member Benefit Guidebook and learn more about MICP.