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Social Media Guidelines

NASO’s Board of Directors adopted the following social media guidelines for use by officials and organizations:

  • Consider social media communications as public at all times — even if created with private intentions. If you are going to use social media in any form, consider your communication may be read by anyone at anytime.
  • You represent the officiating industry, your associations, your assigners and your partners. Act accordingly.
  • Promote officiating in a positive light and with a general feeling of pride and professionalism. You are an ambassador for officiating.
  • You have a unique access to information. The same ethical restrictions that apply to any form of public speech also apply to social media. It is inappropriate to communicate specifics about your assignments, other officials, conferences/schools, coaches, players or any related personnel.
  • Do not engage in specific play and or ruling evaluation/commentary, whether it be of a game you worked, one that you witnessed or in general about the impact of officials in any sporting event.
  • Communications among officials for learning purposes should be done privately and not through the use of social media. Be mindful that email and other forms of direct communication can be made public.
  • Be very sparing in the sharing of your personal information, including photos. Adjust security settings accordingly. Report fake profiles or posts to the appropriate authorities/governing bodies in a timely fashion.
  • Follow specific conference, school and/or governing body social media policies.

To download a pdf of these guidelines CLICK HERE