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NASO Monitors Legislation Affecting Sports Officials

Three major issues facing sports officials today are being addressed by NASO on a national level:

  1. Assaults and lawsuits against sports officials;
  2. The status of sports officials in the area of employee/employer versus independent contractor in the eyes of state revenue departments;
  3. The need for officials to protect themselves from liability claims at every level of sport.

Appropriate measures must be taken to educate and empower those who can orchestrate the changes needed. Sportsmanship must be returned to our athletic contests. Citizenship and respect should be stressed at all levels of play.

Sports officials must be able to perform their difficult and often thankless tasks in an independent, professional and competent manner unfettered by the threat of personal injury, administrative hearings, or litigation because of their game calls.

NASO promises to keep its membership apprised and strives to be a leader addressing these issues.

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