SOS Program Provides Insurance Coverage for Sports Officiating

NASO’s insurance program is preeminent in the officiating world. You simply will not find a more far reaching and comprehensive insurance package. It covers officials working every game, every sport and at every level. Nobody else does that.

The NASO Sports Officials Security Program (S.O.S.) provides sports officials with vital lifetime insurance protections. And because officials work in an injury-prone, dispute-ridden environment, they need insurance liability protection. The program also provides officials with permanent protections plus defense costs to fill in “gaps” in any officiating coverage already in effect — and it provides you insurance even when you do not have any other coverage at all. No matter how many sports an official works or how many different levels they work, NASO insurance covers them — any game, any time, anywhere.

Provides up to $6 million per occurrence, with an per official policy aggregate of $14 million for claims against you for bodily injury (game participant), property damage and personal injury (libel/slander), sporting activities that are organized by recognized sports organizations, leagues, associations, or by another formally organized entity (i.e. local park department)  where the rules of a recognized sanctioning body are followed and while assigning, attending seminars, conferences, camps, clinics and similar meetings.

SOS provides the broadest coverage available. Coverage extends to all your officiating-related activities for recognized sport organizations, leagues and associations, or by another formally organized entity — no matter what level or sport you work.

The SOS program is not just a great insurance package — it is an extensive risk management and legal protection service that starts working for you even before you need it.

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