NASO Members Enjoy Spectrum of Benefits

Members of the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) enjoy a variety of benefits. Those benefits include insurance, educational and training materials, discounts and advocacy. NASO members get clear, concise information on rule changes and interpretations and the latest word on mechanics. NASO members get strong advocacy in support of legislation that protects them from assaults by fans, coaches and players. NASO members get the security of insurance that protects them against liability claims, medical costs associated with physical assaults, game call and assignor’s coverage, and optional game-fee protection.

13 Reasons Why Sports Officials Should Join NASO

1) General Liability Insurance Protection

No matter what sports you officiate, no matter what levels you work, NASO insurance covers you! Providing up to $6 million per occurrence, with an overall policy aggregate of $14 million for claims for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury, NASO provides our members with the most comprehensive insurance protections in the industry. LEARN MORE

2) Member Information & Consultation Program (MICP)

NASO is here to help our members when you have a problem. Whether you feel the need to sort out an officiating-related issue, clarify your options or get advice, the MICP program is there for you. The benefit has two parts: A free information program handled by our staff and a consultation program through which NASO can put a member in contact with a knowledgeable person for an initial free consultation. Members can use the program up to three times per year. LEARN MORE

3) Referee Magazine

Written by officials for officials, only NASO members receive the exclusive “Members Only” version of Referee magazine — the number one resource for sports officials for more than 40 years. Every month, 100 pages of the latest news, rule changes, training techniques and hot topics are delivered to your door. LEARN MORE

4) $30,500 Assault Protection Program

It should never happen, but if it does, NASO is the only organization that protects our member-officials against assault. You get up to $25,000 medical reimbursement, up to $4,500 reimbursement of attorney’s fees for bringing a claim against the perpetrator, and up to $1,000 for loss of game fees if you are the victim of an assault. LEARN MORE

5) $100,000 Assigners Insurance

Only NASO offers this type of protection. Members automatically have $100,000 worth of coverage for claims arising out of any assigning work you do. No assigner should be working without it. Even if you only assign a few games a year, as an NASO member, you have the only coverage that takes care of you. LEARN MORE

6) $100,000 Game Call Coverage

As an official, you make tough judgments. All officials do. We try to make those calls the right ones as often as possible. But not everyone will agree with your calls, that’s just a fact. That could lead to claims against you, even if there’s no injury, or material damage. Unfortunately, you can get sued just for making a call. Only NASO offers its members  $100,000 in insurance coverage if you are sued for a call you made during a game. LEARN MORE

7) NASO Members App

NASO members have exclusive access to a wide range of digital benefits through the NASO Member App, available as a FREE download for Apple and Android devices. You can access exclusive resources, the annual Sports Officials Tax Guide, the NASO Members Guidebook and — best of all — the monthly NASO version of Referee magazine directly through the app. LEARN MORE

8) Digital Referee

Not only do NASO members receive a physical copy of Referee   every month, you also get access to the digital version of Referee at no cost, making it easy to read the information you want, on the go, anytime from your tablet or smartphone. LEARN MORE

9) Advocating on Critical Issues Impacting Sports Officiating

Through our industry partnerships and media relations, NASO takes our responsibility for promoting positive awareness for sports officials very seriously. After all, if we’re not looking out for officials, who is? NASO’s legislative efforts have resulted in dozens of states passing assault legislation, limited-liability laws protecting sports officials and other legislation all designed to protect sports officials. Your membership dues directly fund all of those efforts. LEARN MORE

10) Major Buying Discounts

NASO membership provides special members-only buying discounts to a variety of companies and organizations, including Referee and NASO books, DVDs and other training materials and services with savings up to 20 percent. provides NASO members with an EXCLUSIVE discount on every purchase you make through You also get access to the Marriott Athletic VIP Card, which is normally exclusively offered to pro and college teams and coaches. NASO members are the only group of officials to receive a sport rate of up to 25 percent off the regular room rate at participating hotels.

Marriott Athletic VIP Card

Normally exclusively offered to pro and college teams and coaches, NASO members are the only group of officials to receive a sport rate of up to 25 percent off the regular room rate at participating hotels. LEARN MORE

Annual NASO Sports Officiating Summit

NASO members receive deep registration discounts to the sports officiating industry’s event of the year. LEARN MORE

Savings on Personal Services

Only members get hard dollar savings on gear, car rentals, hotels and other services you use for your officiating activities. LEARN MORE

Exclusive Tax Deductions

Your NASO Membership dues are fully tax deductible from your officiating income.

11) It’s Official Newsletter

NASO members get 16 more pages of necessary content, caseplays, and product discounts in the middle of Referee magazine every month! LEARN MORE

12) NASO LockerRoom e-Newsletter

This exclusive monthly digital newsletter keeps you up-to-date on officiating techniques, news and more delivered directly to your email! LEARN MORE


Perfect for association meetings and self-study, Referee’s online Rules Challenges keep you sharp and ready every season. LEARN MORE