The data presented here is available for research, study and analysis to anyone interested in the sports officiating industry. With many sets of eyes on the data, officials, administrators and all interested parties will be able to work together to come up with ideas to help the industry grow.

The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) hopes the survey efforts will provide education about and opportunities to improve the officiating industry. Therefore, use of the data is encouraged. Please credit the NASO National Officiating Survey.


The survey itself featured more than 160 questions and follow-ups, which resulted in more than six million data points. That’s a lot to go through. If you or your organization are interested in specific data points and analysis but don’t have the resources to commit to sifting through the information, consider hiring NASO to help.

For a negotiated fee, you may engage the services of the NASO staff for research projects and to provide analysis of specific data points. To request a consultation and discuss options, please fill out the accompanying form.


NASO has access to a large number of sports officials and can communicate with them by sport (e.g., basketball, football, soccer or volleyball officials; baseball or softball umpires), by level and by geography.

For a fee, NASO can create and distribute surveys to a variety of sports officials, and then analyze and present the data to you or your organization based on predetermined specifications. Your survey and the results can be confidential or distributed as you see fit. Please fill out the accompanying form to request a consultation and discuss options.

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