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LaVar Ball’s Marbles


RACINE, Wis. — LaVar Ball had had enough. A female referee working his game was felt to be so unsatisfactory to him that she needed to be replaced – and now – at halftime of the game…

Or, he was picking up his marbles and taking his team home.

The management of the Adidas Summer Championships in Las Vegas ordered that she be replaced.

A firestorm erupted inside the officiating community and from well outside the officiating community.

As for us, we are outraged, and not just at Mr. Ball for his boorish behavior.

NASO was asked to issue a brief statement:

The National Association of Sports Officials, a 26,000-member organization, abhors the thought that a coach’s dissatisfaction could lead to a referee being replaced during a contest.

Further, NASO takes strong issue with any sponsoring entity requiring that sports officials turn a blind eye to poor and unsporting-like behavior during a game. That is simply unacceptable.

The officials should not agree to such an arrangement – ever. The game is entitled to better.

Our integrity requires better.

Contact: Dave Simon
Associate Editor
Referee Magazine/National Association of Sports Officials

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