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Referee Available Digitally to NASO Members

Starting with the November issue, NASO members will be able to access a copy of Referee magazine digitally.

The offering marks Referee magazine’s major foray into the world of digital publishing and it marks the addition of a substantial new benefit available exclusively to NASO members.

“We are thrilled to add to NASO’s membership benefit package by adding a digital version of Referee magazine and NASO’s It’s Official newsletter,” said Bill Topp, executive editor and chief operating officer with Referee Enterprises Inc. “It will be value-added for our members that enjoy reading digitally or that travel extensively and don’t want to wait for their print copy when they get home. Importantly, it will also help NASO reach into the expanding demographic that is digital-centric.”

Access to the digital magazine will come in addition to receiving a printed copy of the magazine.

The digital copy will be accessible through the “NASO Members” app, which is available for download for free through the Google Play or Apple App Store. The digital magazine is optimally designed for tablets, but may also be accessed on smartphones.

When it’s first launched, the app will ask you to log into your NASO account either through your NASO account number or the email and zip code associated with your NASO account. Your account number is located in the top left corner of your magazine’s mailing label; it starts with the letters “NO” and you will use the first six numbers. If you need assistance with account information, visit NASO.org or call customer service at 1-800-733-6100.

Once inside the app, NASO members can click on November’s issue and it will download to their device, which makes the issue available for offline viewing. Each month, the new issue of Referee and It’s Official will be added. Eventually other resources will be available through the app, including the NASO membership guidebook.

The digital copy of the magazine will feature exclusive, enhanced content, such as live links to some advertisers and referenced content.

Last year, the NASO board of directors tasked the staff of Referee and NASO to investigate digital delivery options for the magazine. In the past year, the staff has been hard at work investigating ways to accomplish that — and the “NASO Members” app provides the best way to digitally access the outstanding officiating content that Referee contains each month.

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Do I have to pay extra for the MICP (Membership Information & Consultation Program)?

No! It is a part of your annual NASO dues. It is among the exciting benefits NASO provides members.

Do I receive further discounts through my NASO membership?

Yes. NASO members save 20% on all Referee Enterprises publications.

When does my coverage start?

Your benefits begin as soon as you’re registered as an NASO member in good standing and your dues payment is received by the NASO offices.