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Calls Worth Talking About

The Summit session highlighting great calls, one of the most popular at past events, will be back at the NASO Summit in Albuquerque, N.M., on July 27-29. “Calls Worth Talking About” will give attendees a chance to see and cheer some outstanding calls.

A stellar lineup of officiating leaders, coordinators and supervisors will celebrate great calls made by their respective staffs. When great officiating takes place on the big stage, it doesn’t happen by chance — it’s a result of many hours of teaching and training. Being able to share those calls with others in the industry shows that great officiating happens all over the country, at all levels.

Panelists for the can’t-miss session are expected to include Larry Young of MLB, Joe Borgia of the NBA, Marcia Alterman of PAVO (volleyball), Al Riveron with the NFL, Rich Kaufman with the USTA (tennis), Kevin Ryan with ASA (softball), Sandra Serafini of PRO Soccer, Lucia Perfetti Clark of US Lacrosse, Dan Pedersen with Pac-12 baseball and Keith Alexander of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.

Register for the 2014 Summit today at www.sportsofficiatingsummit.com. You can also call NASO at 262-632-5448.

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