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Summit Support is ‘Right Thing to Do’ for NFL


The NFL knows the effect quality officials can have on sporting contests. The drama of the officials’ lockout played out on national television and did more to elevate officiating in the national consciousness than anything in recent memory. That chapter is closed, however, and everyone involved is looking to move forward into a brighter future where officials at all levels are recognized for their skill and dedication.

NFL Director of Officiating David Coleman recognizes NASO’s impact in promoting and supporting quality officiating nationwide. When asked what his office’s support for the Sports Officiating Summit means, he said, “The support of the NFL Officiating Department is an indicator to all that we value NASO for all that it does for officiating.” He continued by saying that “the NFL is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Summit because NASO is the premier officiating organization in the U.S. The Summit provides us with superior visibility of our programs and activities to leaders and officials at all levels and in many sports.” He added simply, that supporting the Summit “is the right thing to do.”

The NFL Officiating Department has numerous outreach efforts and programs designed to put quality officials on the field including NFL Officiating Academy. You can find out more at www.nflofficiting.com. You can learn more about the Summit HERE.

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