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For Vokkero, A Journey of Success at Summit


Few organizations in officiating have had the kind of success story in the last few years as Vokkero has had. Based in Europe, they began operations in the U.S several years ago with little to no market penetration or brand awareness. Their exceptional communication products and top-level customer service has led to some great accomplishments. As Bob D’ Ostilio, Vokkero's Business Development Manager in North America points out, however, without access to the right people, all that success would have been much harder. “As a specialty officiating product, it was crucial for Vokkero to find the correct venue to launch our North American initiative,” D’ Ostilio said. “As we launched our concept to the greater officiating community, being an exhibitor at the Sports Officiating Summit provided the perfect opportunity for us. We made excellent contacts that directly led to business agreements. We were able to capitalize on the successes that came out of our first Summit that next year.”

The story doesn’t end there. Their achievements led to an even closer relationship with the Summit. “Barry Mano, the NASO President, noticed the interest the system was receiving and asked us to consider becoming a Summit Support Organization for the 2012 Summit in Portland,” D’ Ostilio said. “We felt that the time was right and it would give us a terrific platform to grow the interest in Vokkero and we were proven correct.” 

He goes on to detail what it is about the Summit that organizations like his benefit from. He said, “The Summit provides immediate access to officiating administrators and game officials at all levels of sport, including the highest. In my 20-plus years in sports related sales, the attendees at the NASO Summit are the most approachable group I have encountered at any trade show. From professional leagues down to the state associations, they are interested and engaged with the vendors and truly appreciate the extra support that has been provided by the Support Organizations. It has been a great spot for us to meet many regional or statewide delegations which will be critical to our growth in the future.”

D’ Ostilio recommends the Summit to any company looking to enter the officiating industry or expand their presence. About his experience, he said, “The staff at NASO and Referee go out of their way to ensure the vendors are taken care of and supported in the efforts at the event. Vokkero is once again proud to be a Summit Support Organization and are really looking forward to Grand Rapids in July.”

You can explore all of Vokkero’s wireless communication technology at www.vokkero.com/en/solution/10-refereeing. To learn more about the Summit and the opportunities for exhibiting, visit www.sportsofficiatingsummit.com.

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