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It’s All About Connections for Honig’s


Making the decision to attend a trade show is sometimes a hard one for companies, especially if you’re focusing on just the bottom line. The real value, though, can sometimes be found elsewhere.

Aaron Frame, vice president at Honig’s Whistle Stop, sees their support and attendance of the Summit as an opportunity to make connections above all else. “The NASO Sports Officiating Summit is the foremost event where leaders in the industry come to talk, listen and tackle the issues common to this community,” Frame said. “As a vendor, this Summit is invaluable. We gain more information over the course of a few days than at any other time of the year. The opportunity to meet with representatives from all over the country helps us keep up-to-date on the products and trends shaping the officiating world. In this way we’re able to react and bring to market new items of benefit to the community.”

Beyond the networking, however, Honig’s values the Summit as a showcase for their products. “We’re especially excited to have NASO working with one of our partner organizations, the MHSAA, to present ‘Officiate Michigan Day,’ the event that’s expected to bring together the largest number of sports officials in history!” explained Frame. “This gathering, in addition to the Summit, will give us the opportunity to display our products to the people using them every day. Here we can showcase some of the latest improvements — from our officiating shirts made from tech fabrics designed to keep you cool and comfortable, to the UMPS pads designed to increase umpire safety.”

Honig’s has supported the Sports Officiating Summit for many years. You can view their entire product line at www.honigs.com. To learn more about the Summit, register or discover exhibiting opportunities for your company, visit www.sportsofficiatingsummit.com.

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