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Triplette, new ArbiterSports CEO, to be at Summit

Jeff Triplette, current NFL referee and the newly appointed CEO of ArbiterSports, will take part in the 2013 Sports Officiating Summit being held in Grand Rapids, Mich. Triplette will moderate the highly anticiapted session, "The Player Safety Mandate: Its Impact on Officiating." Player safety is currently a hot-button issue in the industry and this session will attempt to answer what exactly the resonable expectations for officials are.

There are few who understand the officiating industry as well as Triplette. He has served as an official at the high school level in football, basketball and baseball, at the collegiate level in football, and has just completed his 17th season as an NFL official, the last 14 as crew chief and referee. He has served as President and COO for FNC, Inc., the industry leading mortgage collateral-management technology company and as a senior executive with Duke Energy Corporation. 

Triplette also serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for NASO. For the past three years, Triplette has been consulting organizations under his own firm, Triplette Advisors, where he focused on helping teams achieve greater results in highly competitive environments. A retired Colonel with over 32 years of service the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserve, he was awarded the Bronze Star while serving in the first Persian Gulf War from 1990 to 1991.

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