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Terry Gregson: 2013 Summit Speaker


Terry Gregson, currently the NHL's director of officiating, will be a featured speaker at the 2013 Summit being held in Grand Rapids, Mich. He will direct a session on how leagues and associations can best deal with the end of an officiating career. "Riding off into the sunset" can truly be a win-win for all parties involved.


Terry Gregson’s impact on the industry has been significant, both on and off the ice. He officiated the Stanley Cup finals eight times and was assigned to the 1982 World Championship in Finland. Gregson is considered by his NHL peers as “an official’s official.” His respect among other officials is so deep that he served as the executive director of the NHL Officials Association for 20 years. His tenure in that post was so long in part because the members were so pleased with his efforts that he ran unopposed for re-election.


Similarly, he has earned the respect of others in the officiating community and by executives throughout the NHL. He has been deeply involved in the league’s succession program, which is designed to allow veteran officials a graceful exit from the staff over a period of years. He has devoted a great deal of time to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. As a member of the Officiating Development Alliance, Gregson is a “go-to guy,” one whom other supervisors and coordinators use as a resource. Gregson was also the recipient of the 2012 NASO Gold Whistle Award.

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