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Fox 40 Signs Three-Year NASO Sponsorship Agreement

NASO is proud to announce a new three-year agreement with Fox 40 International. Fox 40 is a valued Educational Partner of NASO and will continue to be the sponsor of the Celebrate Officiating Gala at the Sports Officiating Summit annually.

Fox 40 Founder and CEO Ron Foxcroft is a charter member of NASO and a charter subscriber to Referee magazine, neither of which he has ever allowed to lapse. His reasons for that steadfast support are quite simple if you ask him. “There is not an organization on the planet that provides services to the officiating industry better than NASO,” Foxcroft said.

He had more to say when asked why that longtime partnership with NASO is still vital for his company. “During my 25 years as a NASO sponsor, I have carefully studied how sports officiating has progressed from being a hobby pastime to a very serious and complex industry,” he said. “Becoming a complex industry has created many new and unique opportunities and issues pertaining to the business of sports officiating. Sports officials today need an organization to turn to for advice, leadership, mentoring and direction. NASO fulfills that vital need and will continue to fill that need moving forward.”

Foxcroft also elaborated on why he sponsors the Celebrate Officiating Gala. “It is said that you are judged by the company that you keep,” Foxcroft explained. “Therefore, being associated with the pillars of sports officiating and helping to recognize its highest achievers, is one of the best things we can do as a member of this industry. At Fox 40 we pride ourselves in providing the world's most advanced tools and equipment for sports officials, hence it is an honor being a sponsor of the most prestigious award in the world of sports officiating, that being the NASO Gold Whistle Award and the Celebrate Officiating Gala at which it is presented.”

NASO’s agreement with Fox 40 runs through the year 2016. You can learn more about the Gold Whistle Award HERE. More information on Fox 40 International can be found on their website www.fox40world.com.

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