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Know a ‘Gold Whistle’ Candidate?

Gold Whistle Award recipients have many things in common. One is that someone nominated them.

NASO members who wish to nominate an official or group for the 2013 Gold Whistle Award should submit the name of the individual or organization, along with a brief biography, to the Gold Whistle Award Committee, c/o NASO, 2017 Lathrop Ave., Racine, Wis., 53405. You can also nominate an official by emailing editor@naso.org.

The NASO Gold Whistle Award was created by the NASO board of directors to honor an individual or organization that has gone above and beyond in overall integrity and has made significant contributions to the betterment of officiating. The Gold Whistle Award is among the most coveted awards in the world of sports officiating. To be selected as the award recipient by the NASO board of directors, consideration is given for:

• Significant contributions to the betterment of officiating.

• A high degree of integrity and ethics.

• Qualities that are held in high regard by the industry.

• Consistent record of presenting officiating in a positive light.

• Exhibiting a “service above self” attitude. Public service to officiating, having a motivating effect on others and/or strong community involvement are considered.

The award can be made posthumously.

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No! It is a part of your annual NASO dues. It is among the exciting benefits NASO provides members.

Do I receive further discounts through my NASO membership?

Yes. NASO members save 20% on all Referee Enterprises publications.

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Your benefits begin as soon as you’re registered as an NASO member in good standing and your dues payment is received by the NASO offices.