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Taking Care of Business - 2012 Summit Book Available

Helping You Take Care of Business is Our Business

Sports officials are required to exercise clear and appropriate control. They are the ones who “take care of business” during each game worked. Yet, what about when you’re the supervisor of officials or an officiating administrator? What does it mean for you to “take care of business?”

For a number of years a more business-like approach to officiating — both in practice and administration — has helped raise officiating to new and positive levels. Today’s sports environment demands a level of performance, accountability and consistency that makes the old ways of doing things obsolete and even harmful.

Built from the 2012 NASO Summit, Taking Care of Business: Reliability and Results in Officiating will deliver fresh perspective and proven techniques to help you and your officials be more effective. The program specifically addressed what is needed on and off the court to improve officiating programs at every level.

You’ll get informative and interesting break downs of the material and knowledge shared in some of the Summit’s most thought provoking sessions, as well as some of the data to back them up. Real world solutions are what you need and you’ll find them throughout this detailed, yet accessible book.

Taking Care of Business: Reliability and Results in Officiating is available for $13.95 or the NASO member price of $11.16. ORDER ONLINE TODAY or call 800-733-6100. Bulk discounts of up to 45% are available and associations are encouraged to call for the best possible price.

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No! It is a part of your annual NASO dues. It is among the exciting benefits NASO provides members.

Do I receive further discounts through my NASO membership?

Yes. NASO members save 20% on all Referee Enterprises publications.

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Your benefits begin as soon as you’re registered as an NASO member in good standing and your dues payment is received by the NASO offices.