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NASO-Backed CBOA Grows

The California Basketball Officials Association (CBOA) recently welcomed five new member groups to its organization, including the first-ever out-of-state member. The San Diego County Basketball Officials Association, Golden Gate Officials Bureau, San Joaquin Valley Officials Association and West LA Basketball Unit joined CBOA as did the Wisconsin Basketball Officials Association (WBOA), raising the total member organizations within the CBOA to 28.

All officials in the CBOA, which officiate all basketball levels from youth to semipro, are NASO members. The CBOA’s mission includes upholding, encouraging and promoting high ethical standards amongst institutions, spectators, participants, coaches and officials involved in basketball.

The primary reason for the addition of the new groups is the educational materials, such as online tests and instructional video, that CBOA provides its various member associations with the help of NASO.

The newly formed WBOA, based in southeastern Wisconsin, has become the first CBOA member association outside of the state of California.

“We know we have a good product,” said CBOA President Frank Obregon, a member of the South Orange County Unit. “Each group will run autonomously. We’re simply there to augment and provide the materials that you need to run your unit under the umbrella organization.”

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