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What's the Right Call?

Test Your Game Rules Knowledge with These Sports Officiating Quizzes

Test your knowledge of sports game rules in sports officiating quizzes prepared by the editors of Referee magazine for NASO. 

Here are some sample questions from the quizzes, which you can receive by going to Referee.com:



Fourth and three for team A from its own 27 yardline. From behind the line of scrimmage, A1 throws a backward pass toward A2. The backward pass bounces off A2’s chest but is recovered by A3, who advances and is downed at team A’s 33-yard line.

a. Legal play under all circumstances.

b. The fourth-down fumble rule applies.

c. The ball should be blown dead when A3 recovers it.



The referee awards team A a direct free kick inside its own penalty area. A8 kicks the ball across the penalty area toward A6. Before the ball reaches A6, and before it leaves the penalty area, B4 enters the penalty area, intercepts the ball, shoots and scores.

a. Valid goal, restart with a kickoff.

b. No goal, caution B4 and award team A an indirect free kick.

c. No goal, retake the original direct free kick.

d. No goal, award a goal kick to team A.


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